“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” -Robert Collier

Exam period is a crucial time of the year. Many students find preparing for and writing exams stressful. This article provides four tips to help students learn effective studying strategies that we hope will ease your anxieties about the upcoming exam period.

1. Study often

Studying is an on-going process, not a one week period. When your teacher presents the modules, listen carefully, take effective and well-organised notes, and the material immediately after you arrive home from school.

While reviewing your notes, write important definitions and concepts on a cue card. Write the important word or phrase on the front of the card and the definition or relevant information on the back of the card. Store your cue cards in a designated box and use these cards to help you study when exam time is approaching.

2. Ask questions

It is very important to ask questions when you don’t grasp the idea or you missed an important notion. Ask lots of questions during class. If you are uncomfortable doing so, teachers are usually happy to provide extra help after school or answer questions via email.

3. Exercise your mind

Exercising your mind is key to mastering any discipline. Develop your skills in any subject by completing your work on time and completing extra exercises.

4. Teach others

The best way to study is to teach the subject to someone else. Ask a friend or relative to be your “student.” Prepare and deliver your lesson to this person. Explaining the material and answering questions for your “student” will help you know whether you yourself grasp the material or need to study it further.

Good luck with the final exams!

Bchira Dhouib, B.Ed.
Director of Education
Liberty Tutoring