Meet Our Team

Our Management Team

Sam Mahmoody

Co-Founder and President

I love teaching, coaching, and mentoring. It was during my undergraduate studies that I learned about my passion for teaching, when I became a Teaching Assistant to one of my professors. After graduation, I continued tutoring college and university students as a part-time activity, alongside my full-time engineering job. Eventually, in 2004, I founded Liberty Tutoring, to be able to make a larger impact in the lives of students who struggle with different subjects. I have a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University. At Liberty Tutoring, I am mainly responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and digital marketing.

Laleh Farshidi

Co-Owner and Vice-President

I joined Liberty Tutoring as a partner in 2012 after completing my MBA. I am passionate about business management. As a mom of an elementary student, I know first-hand how stressful it can be to make sure your kid is on top of all their school work. It can be extremely overwhelming to take care of everything at home and at the same time support them in their school studies. I am very happy to be a part of a team whose main objective is to excite students about their subject matters and lighten the burden on the parents’ shoulders. I have a bachelor’s degree in Polymer Engineering from Tehran Polytechnic and an MBA from John Molson School of Business at Concordia University. At Liberty Tutoring, I manage the finances of company and oversee planning for marketing and advertising.

Mirela Yaneva

Tutors Manager

I joined Liberty Tutoring in 2020 as a French tutor, and became the Tutors manager in 2022. I am delighted to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with my students, creating a joyful and enriching language learning experience. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from Concordia University and a Law degree from Kent University in the United Kingdom. As a manager at Liberty Tutoring, I play a vital role in recruiting, training, and mentoring our highly talented tutors. I'm also responsible for carefully matching students with tutors, based on their unique needs and ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience. I take pride in offering expert educational advice to both parents and students, ensuring they receive the utmost support and guidance. 

Our Core Values

These are our guiding principles, which define who we are.

and Connectedness

We believe in honest communication and building partnership, trust, and connectedness within our team and with our clients.

Creativity, Continuous

We encourage thinking outside the box and creativity, and always strive to be better at what we do.

Holistic Approach, Adaptability

For us, it’s not just about assisting with homework or answering questions. We take a holistic approach to lead our students to being independent learners and we adapt our approach to each student’s unique needs and goals.

Listening with Empathy, Dependability

We listen carefully to your needs and understand the challenges that you may be facing. You can depend on us to go above and beyond to help you.


We are confident in our ability to help the people around us achieve their goals; however, we do realise constantly need to learn and improve. We admit our mistakes, and we take steps to prevent them.

You and Your Child Will Love Our Tutors

I want to give students the best opportunity to succeed in their education, whether they are struggling with a course or simply need to fine-tune their knowledge within the subjects. There is no greater joy than knowing that I have contributed to a child's success in their education. 

- Aisha Virk

Chemistry, Biology, Science

I have been tutoring for many years now, and I have always found it to be enriching for both me and my students. I love helping out and making children, teenagers, and adults feel comfortable with learning new languages. I really believe it is my field.

- Hadjer Bennaceur

French, English

Tutoring is special to me because I love being able to empower, educate, and motivate students to be the best version of themselves and overcome challenges.

- Sami Ulfat

Calculus, Linear Algebra, Physics

Tutoring brings me immense joy as I witness the transformative power of knowledge firsthand. Contributing positively to students' academic journeys and nurturing a genuine passion for learning across a spectrum of subjects is what makes tutoring an exceptionally fulfilling and rewarding experience for me.

- Prachi Shah

Math, Physics, Chemistry

I enjoy tutoring students because it provides a gratifying opportunity to share my knowledge and experience to help others grow! Witnessing my students not only absorb this insight but also blossom into confident, successful individuals is an immensely rewarding journey that fuels my enthusiasm for tutoring.

- Aaron Guan

Math, Chemistry, Biology

What I like the most about the French language is that it is a very special, rich and analytical language that helps develop critical thinking, and that it is among the languages that need much understanding and precision. I am aware of the best approaches that could make the learning of this beautiful and unique language much easier, more effective and more enjoyable!

- Sally Ibrahim


I enjoy tutoring because I want to help students succeed in courses that they have difficulty with, such that they can advance more easily with their academic path.

- Loann Ta

Math, Physics

I enjoy tutoring because I love the subjects that I teach. I want to be able to share my love for those subjects with my students, so that they can appreciate them in the same way I do and feel confident in their ability to learn.

- Hannah Erickson

Science, Math

I enjoy tutoring because I get to help students achieve their academic goals and gain confidence in their learning.

- Helena Marek

Elementary and Secondary Math

I find immense joy in tutoring because it allows me to witness the intellectual growth and success of my students. I love how using my knowledge on a subject allows me to create connections with my students!

- Manal Hema

French, English, Math, Science

I am someone who believes in the power of tutoring, to provide a range of tools that makes the student autonomous. For me, teaching is a beautiful privilege where the knowledge is transmitted in a structured manner. Organization, comprehension, and time management are all things that I consider essential, to have a fruitfully academic journey.

- Miguel Angel Vargas Valencia

Math, Science

I love tutoring because I believe that learning can be enjoyable for anyone as long as one is patient and forgiving with themselves. I enjoy motivating students to help people reach fulfilling personal goals!

- Sophia Chen

Math, Science

I love helping kids reach their true potential. As a future teacher, I believe every child deserves to feel great about what he or she is learning.

- Catherine Gingras


I enjoyed tutoring and finding new ways of explaining class materials to students, so they enjoy studying instead of dreading it.

- Dorothy Yeats

Math, Physics, Science

Tutoring is fun because I see great potentials in younger generations. I hope to take my students to the gate of further explorations, whether it's in mathematics, or in life in general.

- Eisha Zhu


Tutoring gives me the opportunity to help students succeed in classes that I love, while building relationships with new people along the way.

- Marc Quesnel

Math, Physics

I love learning and teaching languages. I believe that everyone should try to learn more than one language, and this is where I come in; to help all my students of all ages with this process.

- Yazz Baghdadi

French, English

I love tutoring because I get to see the progress in my students and share my excitement for learning with them. There's no better feeling than when I get through to a student and they understand the material!

- Molly Scarfe

French, English, Elementary

I enjoy tutoring French because it is such a rich language with lots of nuances and intricacies. My students always see the French language as a challenge, and I love being able to overcome this challenge with them.

- Boutaïna Chafi


My everyday goal as a tutor is to create a fun and engaging learning experience. Seeing a smile on my student's face or hearing them say “I got it!” is for me the greatest reward. It is an amazing privilege for me to witness and be apart of the progress they make, the self confidence they build, as well as their desire and curiosity to learn.

- Grâce-Emmanuelle Akatchi


Tutoring gives me the opportunity to meet and work with many amazing people. I enjoy being able to help others be more confident in their learning and perform at their best.

- Natania Horace

Biology, Chemistry, Math

I enjoy tutoring because I love teaching someone and seeing them learn and expand their knowledge. Tutoring is very fulfilling since it allows me to see my students improve and flourish in their chosen subjects of study.

- Gabrielle Cooper-Saint-Cyr

French, Elementary Math and Science

Confidence is often the only obstacle standing between a student and their educational goals. I am passionate about instilling a strong sense of confidence in each student so that they can achieve those goals, whatever they may be.

- Sophie Whitehead

Math, Chemistry, Physics

SamanthaSkeels, learning styles

I enjoy sharing my love of the subjects that I teach with students to make them more excited about learning and less nervous about challenging topics. I believe that every concept can be mastered with good habits and an open mind.

- Samantha Skeels

Math, Science, Biology

I love tutoring because of the incredible journey it unveils. When a student starts confused and ends up confident about their skills, it’s the best feeling!

- Aissatou Badio


I love being a tutor because I am given the opportunity to help children and adults achieve their best and inspire them both on a personal and educational level. As a tutor, I believe that I can make a difference in one's life.

- Mirela Yaneva


One of the things that I enjoy most is to help others. As a tutor, I believe that I can do that. It gives me great joy to help students in their studies, see their progress, and how they’re becoming better and better every day.

- Gabriel Yanev


I enjoy tutoring because I'm able to help grow my students' confidence in their academic abilities! For my students, I strive to create an open environment where they can tackle their individual challenges in a calm and understanding setting!

- Skyler Merrick

English and History

Making connections with students and knowing I have improved their learning ability is an amazing feeling..

- Kiera Miller

Math, Science

I enjoy tutoring and inspiring students to enjoy rather than fear subjects like Math and French.

 I am currently completing my PhD in cognitive science. Do you feel like you just aren’t good at math? I’ll show you that there is nothing to fear; you got this!

- Alexa Ruel


I love teaching and explaining math in the simplest way possible. In fact, I have all the math tricks that can make your math course much-much easier!

- Motasem Al-Sayed


I enjoy tutoring because I like helping people understand something they didn't previously. I also try to make it fun and interesting for the student by giving them more context than they might just learn in their courses, such as applications in other courses or real-life applications.

- Nicolas Leblanc

Physics and Math

I love tutoring because it gives me an opportunity to pass on my love of languages and storytelling. I also love getting to know my students and seeing how they interpret the world!

- Nikita Eaton-Lusignan

English, French

I love tutoring because it allows me the opportunity to connect with great students and help them reach their goals. It is incredibly rewarding to see students grow in confidence and capability throughout their sessions and excel to their full potential.

- Hannah Murphy

English, ESL, Elementary Math and Science

 I am currently pursuing a chemical engineering degree at Ryerson University. I have enjoyed learning various subjects throughout high school and I don't think I'd be pursuing my degree right now if I did not have the teachers I had back then. I especially enjoy seeing my student grow and discovering their passion in the subjects that they learn, and I wish to be the one person that can make your learning experience fun and less troublesome.

- Harita Cheung

Math, Chemistry

I enjoy tutoring because I love to help students and make their lives a little less stressful. Especially with difficult subjects such as math and chemistry, I'm determined to provide students with straightforward explanations that I wish I had when I was in school.

- Lisa Harris

Math, Chemistry