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A Passion For Helping People

Our growth as a leading tutoring company is largely based on our tutors’ commitment to success.

Since 2004, Liberty Tutoring has been able to meet and exceed parents’ and students’ expectations because of our highly skilled tutors. 

To maintain our position as a leader in private tutoring, we always look for talented individuals who are passionate about helping people succeed.

The team at Liberty Tutoring is collegial, friendly and considerate. Every effort is made to make our job as tutors as easy as possible. The operations are highly structured and carefully thought-out that it makes it easy for me to focus on working with my students. I greatly appreciate their continued support and flexibility.


Setting achievable goals by bringing out the best in students

Liberty Tutoring is a leader in re-establishing the importance of one-on-one tutoring as opposed to group tutoring settings. We need you to help students learn how to learn and study efficiently.

Parents turn to Liberty Tutoring because of our promise to teach independent learning – so their children are not dependent on tutors forever. You must work to achieve that goal when you take on a tutoring assignment at Liberty Tutoring.

My experience as a tutor for Liberty Tutoring has been nothing short of phenomenal! In truth, I cannot say enough good things about the company. The staff are tremendous – I honestly do not know of a more caring group of individuals. They consistently go out of their way to ensure that you have the best experience possible. Their leadership can be summarized into one word: compassionate! Our clients are also fantastic. I have had the great privilege of working with some truly remarkable students. And while I have technically served as their tutor, in helping them, I have also learned so many invaluable lessons that I could not have otherwise learned in any other context. I am wholeheartedly grateful for the opportunity to work for Liberty Tutoring.


We lead because we hire leaders

We need tutors who are determined to have their students succeed within a given time frame. How you go about doing that is largely up to you – starting with developing a trusting relationship with your student.

Your primary task is to equip students with the skillsets they are going to need to succeed both inside and outside a classroom.

As their role model, you’ll celebrate together when that eureka moment is achieved and student truly understands the subject you are tutoring.

Like all strong leaders, you will give credit where credit is due then move on to your next challenge and up in our organization.

I joined the team of tutors at Liberty Tutoring because I love to teach the subjects that I'm passionate about. Liberty Tutoring has provided me with the outlet to do this in an independent, positive and supportive environment. I have the freedom to interact with clients, design my own lesson plans and make my own schedule, which is a rare find for a busy undergraduate. Apart from strengthening my teaching skills, Liberty Tutoring has given me a great set of professional and entrepreneurial skills as well. I look forward to continuing my teaching journey with Liberty Tutoring.

Michael C. Fish

Recognizing that tutoring is more than getting marks

Although a student’s slipping grades might be the reason Liberty Tutoring is called, it’s never the whole story.

The advantage we offer is a one-to-one relationship with a tutor who deeply understands the subject matter and shares their knowledge and passion with the student.

That level of personal enthusiasm can rarely be communicated in a classroom setting, which may be an obstacle for some individuals.

Which is why we need our tutors to truly connect with their students, help them develop lifelong learning skills and take their student’s success as a personal goal.

We’re looking for a proven record of achievement

If you are a university student or a recent graduate from university, love to share your knowledge with others, and know how to bring out the best in people, then we’d love to hear from you.

In exchange, we promise you a high level of personal responsibility where your ideas, skills and contributions will be recognized. Plus, you will be supported at all times by a team of specialists who genuinely care about your success.

Our Core Values

These are our guiding principles, which define who we are.

and Connectedness

We believe in honest communication and building partnership, trust, and connectedness within our team and with our clients.

Creativity, Continuous

We encourage thinking outside the box and creativity, and always strive to be better at what we do.

Holistic Approach, Adaptability

For us, it’s not just about assisting with homework or answering questions. We take a holistic approach to lead our students to being independent learners and we adapt our approach to each student’s unique needs and goals.

Listening with Empathy, Dependability

We listen carefully to your needs and understand the challenges that you may be facing. You can depend on us to go above and beyond to help you.


We are confident in our ability to help the people around us achieve their goals; however, we do realise constantly need to learn and improve. We admit our mistakes, and we take steps to prevent them.

I have been a tutor with Liberty with for nearly four years, and throughout that time they have offered unyielding support in helping me become a better math tutor. They are extremely accommodating with schedule requests, efficient in handling their affairs, and always happy to talk to you on the phone. I believe we work well together because we share a common goal: to give our students the tools they need to liberate themselves from the notion that learning is a burden.


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Liberty Tutoring offers you a great career building opportunity in a growing company and growing industry. One in which you are essentially your own boss.