Some of Liberty team members are sharing with you why they love Canada:


Liberty tutor

We are so lucky to be a part of a country that makes such an amazing effort to safeguard all of its cultural backbones, especially in regards to the Inuit, the French and British influences. Canada welcomes people from all walks of life and appreciates and respects each others’ unique approaches to life. Happy Canada Day to all!


Liberty tutor

One of the many things I love about Canada is its rich field of literature. I love Alice Munro’s short stories, Pauline Johnson’s poetry and the Legends of Vancouver, L. M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables novels, Margaret Atwood’s works, and many many more!


Liberty tutor

I love Canada because of the friendly people that I come across on a day to day basis and because every province has its own story making it charming in its own way!


Liberty tutor

I love Canada because it is a land of great opportunities, friendly people, amazing landscapes, and of course, maple syrup!


Liberty tutor

I love Canada because it is a great place to experience many different cultures!

Thi (Anna)

Liberty tutor

I love Canada because it was a safe haven for my parents to seek refuge and a place to give their children opportunities they never had for themselves.


Liberty tutor 

I love Canada because of its beautiful landscapes, and for the maple syrup!


Operations Manager

I love the multiculturalism and the amazing food that it brings to our city , Montreal!


Director of Service Development

I love the diversity of cultures and ethnicities in Canada. I also love Canada’s nature. Here, in Canada,  I “met” beaver and raccoon for the first time in my life!



Canadians are polite, simple, and compassionate. And that’s what makes me proud to be Canadian



Director of Education

When I think of Canada, I see wonderful seasons, lakes, mountains and parks.  I see multicultural gatherings with deep and rich conversations.  I love Canada because it gave me the opportunity to become who I am in the respect of my roots and origins.