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by Math Tutors in West Island, based on the Québec math Education.

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Are You Concerned About Your Child's Math?

  • Is your child getting low grades in math even though they’re working very hard?
  • Did they used to excel in math, but suddenly, they’re struggling this year?
  • Have poor results in math hurt your child’s self-confidence?
  • Have they given up on math because they think they’re not good at it?

We Can Help

We focus on helping your child develop a deep grasp of the math concepts. We fill the gaps they may have from previous years, while making sure they are also fully understanding their current materials. Only then will your child start enjoying math and having fun doing their math homework, because they get the concepts.

With our personalized West Island math tutoring, your child will gain:

A Deeper Understanding of Math Concepts
Skills to Systematically Tackle Word Problems
A More Positive Attitude Towards Math
Better Grades

Since 2004, We've Successfully Helped Students in the Following Areas:

  • Grades 1 - 6
  • Word Problems
  • Basic Math Skills
High School
  • Situational Problems
  • Science Math
  • CST and TS Math
  • IB Math
  • Calculus 1 & 2
  • Linear Algebra
  • McGill First-Year Math Courses
  • Concordia First-Year Math Courses

Our Online Personalized Math Tutoring

We offer a rich online experience, with interactive digital whiteboards, writing tablets, and 2-way video conferencing. Our tutors are skilled and trained to provide engaging lessons to students of all ages, from kindergarten to university.

What Our Clients Say...

For those who have put their trust in Liberty Tutoring, the educational and family happiness payoffs have been simply outstanding.

We are proud of these positive results and thrilled that we’ve contributed to the successful education of their children.

George Tsopeis

More than just improving my children’s math skills, Liberty boosted their self esteem and sense of accomplishment of tackling something that they found difficult. Liberty provided more than math tutoring; they provided them a life lesson.

Gayle Mitchell

My daughter has really benefited from Liberty Tutoring, not only in improving her grades but maintaining them at a very high academic level. But, for me, more importantly, it has built the foundation for all the subjects in the math and science areas

Charlie Marcolin

We’ve been ecstatic with Liberty and the quality of tutoring being offered. My daughter has not only found a great tutor she has found a great role model in her tutor Casey.

Marjan Keshani

Since we started with Liberty, my child got more confidence, and he gets excited about the things that he learns. His growing confidence and his growing interest in learning is the best thing that happened to us.

We find the right math tutor for your child, to successfully complete the task to your satisfaction. That’s our promise.

If, for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied with your tutor after the first session, we’ll fully refund your payment, and you can terminate your service with us.

Math Tutors West Island

Unlock the potential of personalized learning with a math tutor in West Island

Finding effective help for learning math can be challenging due to the high costs of private tutoring and the need to commute for study sessions. Liberty Tutoring is actively addressing this issue by offering tailored online and in-person one-on-one tutoring sessions for students who require assistance in math.

With our math tutor services in West Island, students receive personalized attention and instruction designed to ensure a thorough understanding of mathematical concepts and build confidence for test-taking. Experience the advantages of Liberty Tutoring's math tutor in West Island and witness the transformation in your learning journey.

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When Should You Get a Private Math Tutor For Your Child?

If you’ve noticed your child’s math marks slipping or that they are becoming frustrated at homework time, it may be time to consider hiring a math tutor in West Island. Liberty Tutoring can offer your elementary or high school student quality tutoring services that make a big difference in grades and subject comprehension. If your child doesn’t love math, contact our staff to learn about personalized online and in-person one-on-one tutoring for students of all levels. You’ll also find free resources and information on our website.

Sings & Indicators That your Child Needs A Math Tutor

1. The first sign that you child needs a math tutor is when their grades start to suffer or you notice them complaining about their homework and grades. It is normal for a student who was not orignally suffering in math to one day show signs of struggle. Since there's different subjects of math, your child may have been good at one subject such as geometry but may not excel at a higher level subject such as algebra. And thats where a tutor can help. We have a proven system and our tutors are especially enthusiastic in helping their students excel at whichever subject they may be suffering with.

2. Does your child lack enthusiasm for solving math problems? Perhaps boredom with math has always been a problem for your child; however, in many cases, students can become bored or tired with math when they fail to understand new concepts. Our math tutoring service will help your child become excited about math- possibly for the first time. Contact one of our 7 locations in Ontario & Quebec to learn more.

3. Has your child progressed in math to the point that you’re unable to help with homework? It’s not uncommon for parents to hire a tutor to pick up where their own education or understanding leaves off. The best local tutors can assist your high school student with algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and other advanced math topics. Online and one-on-one math tutoring can ensure your high-schooler’s grades stay where you want them.

4. In today’s economy, very often both parents need to work to provide for their family. There's no shame in requiring assistance to help your child keep up with their classmates. When you hire a math tutor in West island, we can be as involved as you want us to be, a single math tutoring session, 10 and 20-hour packages, or our signature Success Program. You’ll find transparent pricing on our website to help you make the best decision for your budget.

Benefits Of Choosing Liberty Tutoring

There are many reasons to consider our agency for math tutoring:

  • Assistance in understanding math concepts
  • Skills to systematically take-on word problems
  • Improve attitude towards math
  • Better grades over time
  • A more holistic approach to learning
  • Tutors who listen empathically

You’ll quickly discover that a great math tutor will give your child the confidence needed to succeed in the classroom and graduate to more difficult topics and math concepts. Our tutors don’t just ‘teach’; they contribute to your child’s personal development as a math student and become positive role models and mentors for your child or teen.

 Math Tutor West Island FAQ

How do I know if my child needs a math tutor?

If your child is struggling with math, getting poor grades, lacking confidence in school, or experiencing stress and homework meltdowns, it may be time to consider hiring a math tutor in West Island. A math tutor can help your child improve their understanding of math, build confidence in their abilities, and develop study habits and time management skills.

How do I choose the right math tutor for my child?

Choosing the right math tutor for your child is important. Look for a tutor who has experience working with students at your child’s level, who is knowledgeable about the Quebec math curriculum and has a teaching style that matches your child’s learning style. You can also ask for recommendations from other parents or look for online reviews.

How often will my child need to meet with their math tutor?

The frequency of tutoring sessions will depend on your child’s individual needs and schedule. Some students may only need to meet with their tutor once a week, while others may benefit from more frequent sessions. In most cases, two hours a week is the optimum number of hours. Your child’s tutor can work with you to develop a schedule that works best for your child.

How do online math tutoring services work?

We offer a rich online experience, with interactive digital whiteboards and 2-way video conferencing. Our tutors are skilled and trained to provide engaging lessons to students of all ages, from kindergarten to university.