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Is your child struggling with math? Are you looking for personalized and effective online math tutoring services in Ottawa?

If so, look no further. We offer one-on-one online math tutoring to students of all levels, from elementary school to post-secondary education.

At Liberty Tutoring, we understand the challenges that come with trying to balance schoolwork and other responsibilities. That’s why we are committed to providing personalized tutoring services that fit your child’s individual needs and learning style. Our tutors are experts in Ontario math and possess exceptional teaching skills. They are passionate about helping students succeed and instilling confidence in their learning abilities.

Since 2004, Our Ottawa Math Tutors Helped Students in the Following Areas:

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We offer a rich online experience, with interactive digital whiteboards and 2-way video conferencing. Our tutors are skilled and trained to provide engaging lessons to students of all ages, from kindergarten to university.

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If, for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied with your tutor after the first session, we’ll fully refund your payment, and you can terminate your service with us.

Does your Child need a Private Math Tutor in Ottawa?

If your child lacks confidence in school, gets poor grades in math, experiences homework meltdowns, and stress, they need help. And a private math tutor can help.

At Liberty Tutoring, we understand how overwhelming and frustrating it can be to see your child struggle with math in school. We also have seen many parents exhaust themselves juggling their careers and home responsibilities while helping their children succeed in math and other studies. But you no longer need to worry about your child’s academic performance, especially in math – our experienced math tutor in Ottawa is ready to help.

Hiring a professional math tutor in Ottawa positions your child for more than just academic success. The students can learn time management skills and effective study habits from their private math tutor. An experienced tutor can also help the students improve their academic performance in math and help them develop a positive interest in math. This instills confidence and strong desire to learn and succeed even in other subjects.

Why Choose a Liberty Math Tutor?

You’ll get the right tutor. We understand the importance of having an exceptional instructor to guide your child, a tutor who not only masters the Ontario elementary and high school math but also knows how to teach it. That’s why we have implemented a rigorous hiring process to ensure that our tutors have the knowledge of the Ontario math, as well as outstanding teaching skills. Plus, our elementary and high school math tutors are local, based in Ottawa and other parts of Ontario.

We guarantee your satisfaction. There’s no point in supplying a tutor who is not 100% suited to your specific learning needs. If you are not completely satisfied with your tutor after the first session, we will fully refund your payment.

There is a team behind you. We are committed to providing you with an exceptional experience that exceeds your expectations in every way. That’s why we have a dedicated Client Care Supervisor who will swiftly address any concerns you may have. Our Tutor Managers are always on hand to provide ongoing support and training to our instructors, ensuring that they are equipped with the tools they need to help you succeed according to your unique expectations.

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What Our Clients Say

Marjan Keshani

"Since we started with Liberty, my child got more confidence, and he gets excited about the things that he learns. His growing confidence and his growing interest in learning is the best thing that happened to us."

Chris and Geneviève

"They had really good tutors, our girls really connected with the tutors. They [tutors] made sure my kids understand the materials. After receiving your services, they were a lot more confident; homework in these subjects was a struggle, that became a breeze."

Dianea Phillips

"He [my son] gained a lot; he gained confidence; he gained self-esteem boosting. That, I can honestly say, was spurred on by the teaching at Liberty."

Mastering Math with Liberty Tutoring in Ottawa

At Liberty Tutoring, our experienced math tutors provide personalized support to Ottawa students struggling with math, from elementary through university levels. We help build math confidence and skills for academic success.

Our math tutoring services cover key subject areas including:

  • Algebra – From pre-algebra foundations to advanced algebraic equations and functions, our Ottawa tutors offer step-by-step guidance. For example, we can walk students through factoring quadratic equations like x2 + 5x + 6 = 0 using practical examples to demystify the process.
  • Geometry – Using interactive tools, our tutors make theorems, proofs, polygons, solid geometry, and shapes clearer for students. We might have a student construct a proof explaining why the sum of interior angles in a triangle is 180 degrees, facilitating hands-on learning.
  • Trigonometry – Mastering sine, cosine, tangent, unit circles, trig identities, and applications becomes achievable with our customized trigonometry tutoring. We relate concepts like sin(π/6) = 1/2 to 30-60-90 degree triangle side ratios used in the real world.
  • Calculus – Our tutors break down differential and integral calculus, helping students visualize concepts. We simplify limits, derivatives, integrals, and multi-variable calculus through practice problems like calculating displacement from velocity graphs.
  • Statistics – We make statistics approachable, guiding students through probability, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, combinatorics, and data analysis. Our lessons align with course topics like creating surveys and analyzing results.
  • Pre-Calculus – For students preparing for calculus, we solidify foundations in complex numbers, matrices, vectors, sequences, series, and analytical geometry. Our lessons prime students for AP Calculus topics like continuity and derivatives.

Our math tutoring approach caters to each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and preferred learning styles. We develop personalized lesson plans, assign interactive practice, provide ongoing feedback, and ensure students build math confidence. Contact Liberty Tutoring to help your child succeed in math!

Mathematics can be a challenging subject for many students in Ottawa. As one of the top-performing school districts in Ontario, expectations are high and coursework is rigorous. If your child is struggling with math, the customized support of a tutor can provide the help they need to reach their potential.

At Liberty Tutoring, our experienced math tutors work with students across Ottawa to:

  • Provide Individualized Attention: Through one-on-one online sessions, our tutors pinpoint your child’s strengths and weaknesses, offering targeted support to fill gaps in understanding.
  • Offer Customized Learning Plans: We develop personalized lesson plans tailored to your child’s needs, learning style, and goals. Our customized approach helps inspire math confidence.
  • Build Problem-Solving Skills: We equip students with effective problem-solving strategies they can apply to math questions and real-world situations. Critical thinking is key.
  • Improve Grades: Our personalized tutoring builds math proficiency, leading to better grades on assignments, tests, and exams. We help your child meet Ottawa’s high achievement standards.
  • Prepare for Important Tests: We provide focused exam prep to help your child succeed on important standardized tests like EQAO assessments and math portions of SATs.
  • Increase Motivation: Our encouraging tutors foster positive mindsets so students stay engaged and determined to progress in their math abilities. Enthusiasm for learning grows.
  • Offer Convenient Scheduling: Our online program allows flexible scheduling to accommodate busy families. We work within your availability.

If your child needs confident math tutoring to help them excel in Ottawa’s rigorous education environment, contact Liberty Tutoring today. We ensure your child receives the individualized support they need to succeed.

Elementary school years are pivotal for a student’s development. Our personalized math tutoring services for elementary students will equip them with the fundamental skills they need to succeed in math for years to come. Our math tutors are patient, kind, and understanding, and will work with your child to build a strong foundation in math.

Elementary students often encounter challenges in subjects like basic arithmetic, fractions, geometry, and problem-solving, where foundational concepts can sometimes be perplexing. However, a skilled math tutor can provide targeted solutions to help them overcome these obstacles. For instance, when tackling basic arithmetic, a proficient tutor can use interactive methods to make learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division enjoyable and comprehensible. Fractions, notorious for confusion, become more approachable as a knowledgeable tutor breaks down their components, employing visual aids and relatable examples to facilitate understanding.

Geometry, with its shapes and spatial relationships, finds clarity under the guidance of a capable tutor who employs hands-on activities, allowing students to manipulate and explore geometric figures, thus enhancing their comprehension. Problem-solving, a crucial skill, can be nurtured by a proficient math tutor who equips students with strategies to break down challenges into manageable steps, fostering confidence in approaching math problems.

Furthermore, a skilled tutor can introduce elementary students to logical reasoning, preparing them for more complex concepts in later grades. Mathematical games and puzzles, integrated into tutoring sessions, not only make learning engaging but also promote critical thinking and analytical skills. The foundational principles taught by a proficient tutor not only aid students in understanding the subject matter but also cultivate a positive attitude toward math, laying the groundwork for future academic success.

Overall, a proficient math tutor for elementary students not only imparts subject knowledge but also nurtures essential skills and confidence in approaching math-related challenges. By offering interactive and relatable methods, tutors ensure that young learners not only excel in their mathematical studies but also develop a strong mathematical foundation, mirroring the supportive and engaging learning environment of Ottawa’s educational landscape.

Top 10 Reasons To Get An Ottawa Math Tutors for Elementary Students

  1. Personalized Attention: Math tutors in Ottawa provide tailored guidance to students, ensuring that each child’s learning journey aligns with the diverse educational landscape of the city.
  2. Solid Foundation: Ottawa’s math tutoring programs lay the groundwork for students to excel, enabling them to confidently tackle the math challenges that the city’s vibrant academic community offers.
  3. Confidence Boost: With the support of Ottawa’s dedicated math tutors, young learners gain the self-assurance needed to engage with math concepts both in the classroom and during their explorations of the city.
  4. Customized Approach: Math tutoring centers in Ottawa embrace the city’s multiculturalism by catering to various learning styles, accommodating the needs of a diverse group of students.
  5. Clarification of Concepts: Ottawa’s math tutors provide students with a solid understanding of mathematical concepts, equipping them to apply their knowledge to everyday situations they encounter in the city.
  6. Advanced Progress: Through math tutoring in Ottawa, young scholars are inspired to push their limits, much like the city’s commitment to innovation and continuous progress.
  7. Homework Assistance: Ottawa’s math tutors play a vital role in ensuring that students grasp fundamental concepts, empowering them to complete assignments with confidence as they navigate their academic journey in the city.
  8. Test and Exam Preparation: Math tutors in Ottawa prepare students for success in assessments, mirroring the city’s dedication to excellence in academia and standardized testing.
  9. Interactive Learning: Ottawa’s tutoring centers integrate interactive techniques into their math lessons, mirroring the city’s vibrant cultural scene and encouraging students to actively engage with the subject.
  10. Long-Term Benefits: Math tutoring in Ottawa provides children with skills that extend beyond the classroom, equipping them to excel in an environment known for its rich history, cultural diversity, and academic achievements.

High school can be a challenging time for most students. Our personalized math tutoring services for high school students will help them develop the skills they need to manage their time and responsibilities, as well as perform at a high academic level. We have tutors who are experts in high school math and will work with your child to build a solid understanding of the subject matter.

In all high-schools, students are expected to manage their increasingly demanding coursework, extracurricular activities, and various social schedules or obligations. Providing a high school student with an experienced math tutor allows them to develop the skills and confidence they need to successfully manage their responsibilities while performing at a higher academic level – this sets them up for better performance in math even in college and university levels.

High school students often encounter difficulties in subjects such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and data analysis, where complex concepts and abstract theories can pose challenges. Fortunately, a proficient math tutor can offer targeted solutions to help them navigate these obstacles. For instance, when grappling with algebraic equations and functions, a skilled tutor can provide step-by-step explanations, demonstrating how to solve equations and manipulate expressions, which fosters a deeper understanding.

Geometry, known for its theorems and proofs, becomes clearer under the guidance of a capable tutor who simplifies intricate principles, aids in constructing logical proofs, and connects geometric concepts to real-world applications. Trigonometry, often perceived as intricate, finds its footing as tutors offer practical examples involving angles, triangles, and circular functions, thus making the subject more relatable.

For calculus, a knowledgeable tutor breaks down the foundations of limits, derivatives, and integrals, employing real-life scenarios to illustrate their significance. Data analysis, a vital skill in today’s information-driven world, becomes approachable as tutors help students interpret and draw conclusions from data sets, mirroring the analytical thinking required in Ottawa’s academic and professional landscape.

Moreover, a skilled tutor can guide high school students through advanced problem-solving techniques, teaching them how to dissect complex challenges and devise effective strategies. They can also introduce students to mathematical modeling, helping them apply math to real-world scenarios and prepare for future academic pursuits.

Overall, a proficient math tutor for high school students goes beyond imparting subject knowledge by fostering critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a constructive approach to mathematics. Through personalized explanations, practical examples, and strategies for tackling intricate problems, tutors ensure that high school students not only excel in their mathematical studies but also develop competencies that align seamlessly with the demanding academic environment of Ottawa’s educational landscape.

Top 10 Reasons To Get An Ottawa Math Tutors for High School Students

  1. Personalized Academic Support: Ottawa math tutors provide individualized guidance, adapting their teaching methods to meet the unique needs and ambitions of high school students in the city.

  2. Confidence in Complex Concepts: With Ottawa’s rigorous curriculum, a math tutor can demystify intricate concepts, equipping students to tackle advanced math challenges with confidence.

  3. Exam Readiness: Ottawa’s math tutors prepare students for pivotal exams, aligning with the city’s reputation for educational excellence and rigorous evaluation standards.

  4. Strong Foundation for Post-Secondary Success: Ottawa’s renowned universities and colleges demand solid math skills. A tutor ensures that students are well-prepared for their next academic steps within the city’s vibrant educational landscape.

  5. Focused Goal Achievement: Ottawa’s math tutors, much like the city’s ambitious environment, empower students to set clear academic goals and take proactive steps toward achieving them.

  6. Optimal Study Strategies: In a city known for its academic diversity, math tutors provide students with effective study techniques that maximize comprehension, retention, and application of math principles.

  7. Interactive Learning: Tutors in Ottawa mirror the city’s interactive museums and cultural centers, engaging high school students with interactive math lessons that spark enthusiasm for the subject.

  8. Problem-Solving Proficiency: Just as Ottawa’s innovation thrives, math tutors equip students with robust problem-solving skills, preparing them for real-world challenges that await in higher education and beyond.

  9. In-Depth Understanding: Ottawa’s math tutors encourage deeper comprehension of mathematical theories, paralleling the city’s commitment to fostering critical thinking and analytical skills.

  10. Future-Ready Expertise: In a city that nurtures future leaders, Ottawa’s math tutors nurture students’ mathematical acumen, ensuring they possess the skills necessary to excel in an evolving academic landscape.

Post-secondary education can be a difficult adjustment for many students. Our highly qualified tutors are here to help you get over this adjustment hump. We specialize in tutoring tough subjects like math, and will work with you to ensure that you have a strong understanding of the subject matter.

University students often encounter challenges in subjects like calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, and statistics, where abstract concepts and complex equations can be daunting. However, a proficient math tutor can offer targeted solutions to help them overcome these hurdles. For instance, when facing calculus, a skilled tutor can break down intricate concepts into manageable steps, providing practical examples that showcase their real-world applications. In the realm of linear algebra, a capable tutor can use visual aids and relatable analogies to demystify vectors, matrices, and systems of linear equations. Moreover, tackling differential equations becomes more accessible as a knowledgeable tutor guides students through various solution methods, illustrating their relevance through examples pertinent to students’ academic paths.

Statistics, an essential component of many university programs, can become clearer under the guidance of a proficient math tutor who simplifies concepts, aids in efficient usage of statistical software, and clarifies result interpretations for research projects. Probability theory, often intricate, finds its footing as tutors employ interactive scenarios, enabling students to comprehend probability distributions and their practical implications. Crafting mathematical proofs and honing logical reasoning, though challenging, becomes more manageable as tutors adeptly teach students the art of constructing coherent proofs, enhancing their logical thinking abilities.

When it comes to numerical analysis, a knowledgeable math tutor empowers students to implement numerical algorithms confidently, ensuring accurate and effective problem-solving. For advanced calculus and analysis, where multivariable calculus and real analysis can pose difficulties, a proficient tutor simplifies complex theories, aids in visualization, and assists in mastering rigorous proofs. Moreover, mathematical modeling becomes approachable as tutors guide students in formulating and evaluating mathematical models, empowering them to address real-world complexities. In fields like engineering and physics, where mathematics is intertwined, a skilled tutor bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, helping students navigate the mathematical intricacies of their disciplines.

Overall, a proficient math tutor not only imparts subject knowledge but also cultivates critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and confidence. By offering personalized explanations, relatable examples, and tailored strategies, tutors ensure that university students not only excel in mathematical studies but also succeed in their academic journeys, mirroring the vibrant and intellectually stimulating environment of Ottawa’s educational landscape.

Top 10 Reasons To Get An Ottawa Math Tutors for University Students

  1. Tailored Academic Guidance: Ottawa math tutors offer personalized assistance, guiding university students through complex math courses by addressing their individual needs and challenges.

  2. Mastery of Advanced Concepts: Just as Ottawa’s academic landscape encompasses advanced research, a math tutor aids university students in mastering intricate mathematical concepts required for their specialized fields.

  3. Preparation for Rigorous Assessments: Much like the demanding academic environment of Ottawa’s universities, math tutors prepare university students for challenging exams, ensuring they excel in both content and application.

  4. Bridge to Postgraduate Studies: Ottawa’s esteemed postgraduate programs require a strong mathematical foundation. A math tutor equips university students with the skills needed for advanced research and study within the city’s renowned institutions.

  5. Targeted Goal Achievement: In a city known for fostering ambition, math tutors help university students set and achieve their academic goals, ensuring they thrive in Ottawa’s competitive educational atmosphere.

  6. Optimal Learning Strategies: Similar to the city’s diverse cultural scene, math tutors in Ottawa offer university students varied learning techniques, helping them grasp complex math principles effectively.

  7. Interactive Exploration: Ottawa’s engaging museums and exhibits are mirrored by math tutors who employ interactive teaching methods, sparking enthusiasm among university students for mathematical exploration.

  8. Advanced Problem Solving: Just as Ottawa’s innovation drives progress, math tutors equip university students with advanced problem-solving skills, preparing them to address intricate challenges in their academic pursuits.

  9. In-Depth Comprehension: Ottawa’s dedication to critical thinking is paralleled by math tutors who foster a deeper understanding of mathematical theories, enhancing university students’ analytical capabilities.

  10. Future-Ready Expertise: In a city that cultivates leaders, Ottawa’s math tutors equip university students with the mathematical expertise necessary for success in research, innovation, and leadership roles.



If your child is struggling with math, getting poor grades, lacking confidence in school, or experiencing stress and homework meltdowns, it may be time to consider hiring a math tutor in Ottawa. A math tutor can help your child improve their understanding of math, build confidence in their abilities, and develop study habits and time management skills.

Choosing the right math tutor for your child is important. Look for a tutor who has experience working with students at your child’s level, who is knowledgeable about the Ontario math curriculum and has a teaching style that matches your child’s learning style. You can also ask for recommendations from other parents or look for online reviews.

The frequency of tutoring sessions will depend on your child’s individual needs and schedule. Some students may only need to meet with their tutor once a week, while others may benefit from more frequent sessions. In most cases, two hours a week is the optimum number of hours. Your child’s tutor can work with you to develop a schedule that works best for your child.

We offer a rich online experience, with interactive digital whiteboards and 2-way video conferencing. Our tutors are skilled and trained to provide engaging lessons to students of all ages, from kindergarten to university.

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