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Suppose your child is interested in learning French, and you’re considering hiring a French tutor. Perhaps he or she learned a little French at school, or you intend to endow your child with French language skills that can benefit him or her later in life.

In that case, hiring a French tutor can help your child build the highest level of communication proficiency irrespective of whether he or she is French.

Note that not every French tutor is the right fit for every student. Just like some teachers your child will gladly identify and connect with, your child is likely to get along much better with the right tutor, making the learning process fun and more effective. 

Online Tutoring

You wouldn’t want a high-school tutor helping your second-grader struggling to learn to read French. There are countless tutors out there, but they specialize in a particular subject. Even classroom teachers often focus on a specific field of study.

Choose a tutor who has experience with the area where your child is struggling. The tutor should also have experience in a proven set of tactics or strategies that can help your kid better learn French and achieve other academic goals.

In fact, it’s recommended to pick a tutor who has been teaching French for a while and practices different approaches depending on the student’s needs.

Define Your Child’s Goals

Is your child trying to pass a French test or a class or trying to learn a second language? If all you want is your child to pass a test or get other short-term results, that’s a performance goal. But if you want your child to become fluent in French, that’s a learning goal.

In most cases, parents looking for a French tutor have both learning and performance goals for their children. Focus on finding a tutor who can help your child achieve those goals.

Consider Your Child’s Learning Style

Different school students learn best differently. While one student may learn effectively by listening, another student may prefer to learn visually or through participation.

As a parent, you might already have an idea of how your child learns best and takes in information effectively. So, choose a French tutor who can present French lessons in that style to help your child master French.

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Find a Tutor Who’s Available Consistently at A Time Convenient for Your Child.

Ideally, it would be best to choose a consistently available tutor for your child’s French classes or online lessons. A one-time online tutoring session or inconsistent private lessons are not enough to help your child learn French or move past a challenge they may face in the classroom.

The child may need weeks or months of sessions to build confidence and fill in any learning gaps that might have created the challenges in the first place.

If the tutor isn’t available consistently, your child may have a difficult time filling in those gaps. Sometimes, it may seem as though the French tutor has to start from scratch for every lesson.

It is also important that you work with a consistent one-on-one tutor. This way, it’s easy to establish a productive student-tutor relationship.

Also, it will be possible for the tutor to tailor the French lessons to the child’s learning needs and style, which can ultimately help improve the learning process.

For those who have put their trust in Liberty Tutoring, the educational and family happiness payoffs have been simply outstanding.

We are proud of these positive results and thrilled that we’ve contributed to the successful education of their children.

Michelle Mumford

Exceptional experience from start to finish, with a wonderful tutor helping my son learn French. The improvements were really clear! Content was customized to his needs and he looked forward to his sessions.

Ingrid Oldenburg

Liberty Tutoring paired my son with a tutor who was an excellent fit. He was able to identify the areas where my son needed more help and tailor his lessons and homework accordingly. My son’s French vocabulary and comprehension has definitely improved since he began working with his Liberty Tutor.

Marjan Keshani

Since we started with Liberty, my child got more confidence, and he gets excited about the things that he learns. His growing confidence and his growing interest in learning is the best thing that happened to us.

Leeann P.

Liberty Tutoring has been wonderful. The tutor, Sophia, was a perfect match for my son. She was engaging, patient and always professional. She provided appropriate homework and always explained the homework to me as well as my son before leaving. I will recommend Liberty to all my friends and family!

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