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In the words of our Tutors

I have been a tutor with Liberty with for nearly four years, and throughout that time they have offered unyielding support in helping me become a better math tutor. They are extremely accommodating with schedule requests, efficient in handling their affairs, and always happy to talk to you on the phone. I believe we work well together because we share a common goal: to give our students the tools they need to liberate themselves from the notion that learning is a burden.

- David Pearce -

The team at Liberty Tutoring is collegial, friendly and considerate. Every effort is made to make our job as tutors as easy as possible. The operations are highly structured and carefully thought-out that it makes it easy for me to focus on working with my students. I greatly appreciate their continued support and flexibility.

- Namita Patel -

My experience as a tutor for Liberty Tutoring has been nothing short of phenomenal! In truth, I cannot say enough good things about the company. The staff are tremendous – I honestly do not know of a more caring group of individuals. They consistently go out of their way to ensure that you have the best experience possible. Their leadership can be summarized into one word: compassionate! Our clients are also fantastic. I have had the great privilege of working with some truly remarkable students. And while I have technically served as their tutor, in helping them, I have also learned so many invaluable lessons that I could not have otherwise learned in any other context. I am wholeheartedly grateful for the opportunity to work for Liberty Tutoring.

- Pasha Yaghini -

Liberty Tutoring was an opportunity for me to implement my pleasure of teaching others into a practical environment to aspiring students who need it most. I have been able to act as a catalyst to the learning of many students, all of whom continue to make progress and even excel in their subjects of studies. Being able to meet my eager students as well as their warm and welcoming families has somewhat become a highlight of my week. I highly recommend joining Liberty Tutoring for their ongoing support of their tutors, flexibility in tasks and assignments and a freedom to plan and coordinate with your students in a very open manner.

- Yunus Kaiyum -

I have been tutoring with Liberty Tutoring for almost year and find it to be the ideal part-time job. As a Liberty tutor, you can choose your own hours, and have clients referred to you without doing any of the work. Keeping track of your hours is incredibly easy, and the job itself is stimulating, challenging and exciting. It is perfect for any student or worker looking for a job that is well paying, interesting, and easy to handle.

- Marc Quesnel -

I joined the team of tutors at Liberty Tutoring because I love to teach the subjects that I'm passionate about. Liberty Tutoring has provided me with the outlet to do this in an independent, positive and supportive environment. I have the freedom to interact with clients, design my own lesson plans and make my own schedule, which is a rare find for a busy undergraduate. Apart from strengthening my teaching skills, Liberty Tutoring has given me a great set of professional and entrepreneurial skills as well. I look forward to continuing my teaching journey with Liberty Tutoring.

- Michael C. Fish, BSc. -

Undergraduate - Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry - Faculty of Science
Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, ON