Answers to your most common tutoring questions

Q: What sets Liberty tutors apart?

A: Liberty Tutors are highly qualified university students or recent university graduates. They have mastered their tutoring subjects and also possess outstanding teaching skills. Our tutors are accomplished young adults who would be great role models for any child. We look for dynamic individuals who are able to relate to your child and help turn learning into an enjoyable experience.

Q: What if my child is not happy with the tutor?

A: We take pride in matching the right tutor to your child’s needs. Our success stories testify to that.

However, if after your first session, you feel that the relationship between your tutor and your child simply won’t work out, we’ll provide you with another qualified Liberty Tutor. And that first session would be on us!

That’s how committed we are to your child’s success!

Subjects and Instruction Language

Q: Which subject do you tutor?

A: The broad range of courses we offer are chosen based on the approved education curriculum in each province as well as the level of demand for those courses.

Q: Do you offer services other than in English?

A: Yes. Besides English, we have qualified tutors who can teach in French.

Personalized Lesson Plans

Q: Are your lesson plans customized based on my child’s needs?

A: Yes. At Liberty Tutoring, we believe that each student is unique – quite often with different learning styles. When it comes to tutoring, one size does not fit all. That’s why we develop customized lesson plans for each individual – whether it’s to help your child with their homework or to teach him or her concepts that they don’t fully understand.

Billing & Payment

Q: Do I pay my tutor at the end of each session?

A: No. Our Billing Coordinator manages your billing and issues receipts for your records.

Q: Do you also offer a pay-as-you-go payment option?

A: Yes, please ask us for details

Q: Can I claim my child’s tutoring expenses in my income tax returns?

A: Please check with Canada Revenue Agency.


Q: How flexible is scheduling with a Liberty tutor?

A: With Liberty’s one-on-one, in-home tutoring, the scheduling is generally more flexible than group tutoring environments. You don’t need to skip work or get stuck in traffic to take your child to a center with limited scheduling options. Our tutors also work weekends if that is what you prefer.

However, we do recommend that once you decide on a time schedule with your tutor, you commit to it, throughout the year. Consistency is one of the secrets to educational success.

Online or In-Person Tutoring

Q: Does Liberty Tutoring offer online or in-person tutoring?

A: Both.

Q: What application does Liberty Tutoring use for online tutoring?

A: Zoom

Summer Tutoring

Q: Do you offer summer tutoring?

A: Yes. We offer services all year round.

Whether you want to keep your child educationally motivated, help them prepare for summer exams or just give them a head start on the next school year, we can help. Contact us in April to learn about our summer packages.

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