Customized tutoring – online or in-person

Qualified tutor from Liberty Tutoring helping a young student with her math in the privacy of her home.
Every child has unique skills and learns in different ways. The secret to their successful education lies in recognizing those skills and teaching students how to apply them. That’s where a Liberty tutor comes in. Hand picked to meet your child’s specific needs.

Our tutors work on your schedule – to avoid interruptions in your family and daily activities.

Since 2004, Liberty Tutoring has helped students succeed with the individual attention that only a private tutor can give. Your tutor will be carefully selected to match the learning needs of your child – from kindergarten to university. You simply can’t get our quality of individual tutoring in a school or a group environment.

Liberty’s goal-oriented approach helps develop independent learning skills no matter what grade level. Plus, we’ve rejuvenated the tradition of older student mentorship through tutoring. Something that can only be achieved in a private tutoring environment.

At Liberty Tutoring, we take great care to ensure that your private tutor is well matched to your child.

Our student-centric tutoring philosophy

We truly believe that your child can achieve anything they want in life. Liberty Tutoring can help them discover their hidden potential. With our tutor’s support, they will soon realize that they can successfully overcome the obstacles that stand in their way.

This ideal outcome is possible when students take active roles in their own education. That’s why Liberty has developed unique evaluation and goal setting methods that encourage students to be more active in their tutoring process. It allows them to personally monitor, evaluate and optimize their own progress – before reporting it to you.

Liberty Tutoring also recognizes the key role parents play in their child’s learning process. Your ongoing input will help us pave the way to their success.

Qualified Liberty Tutor helping an elementary student with her science homework in the privacy and comfort of the student's home.

A tutoring service that brings fun back to learning

With so many online and digital distractions, it’s no wonder that kids today struggle with concentration and learning today. A rigid school environment or a teacher that uses rote lesson plans may simply not be getting through to your child. It’s simply not fun enough. Our tutors approach learning with enthusiasm and energy when they only have one person to deal with at a time – your child. That personal attention is what allows children to use their own unique skills to learn the subject. In a comfortable environment that lets them be their true selves. And have fun in the process.

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