What families say about us

For those who have put their trust in Liberty Tutoring, the educational and family happiness payoffs have been simply outstanding. We are proud of these positive results and thrilled that we’ve contributed to the successful education of their children.

Here are a few testimonials that you might be able to relate to.

The Liberty Tutoring experience was terrific both in helping our daughter grasp concepts but also in helping her get ahead on her lessons and in preparing for exams. She did extremely well overall and was awarded a Chancellor’s Scholarship! We were very, very pleased with the outcome!

A Happy Parent

Liberty Tutoring has proved to be an invaluable service for my children. Three of my children have benefited from Liberty’s services. Whenever I have called, a tutor has been at our door within one week. All of the tutors have been knowledgeable, pleasant, polite and punctual.

D. Kovalchuk

My sons have received tutoring services from Liberty Tutoring for 3 years and we have always been extremely satisfied. The tutor is always timely, flexible, prepared and professional. The boys have benefited and it is apparent in their grades. It has been a pleasure and I recommend this service.

M. McDougall

Ceci est la seconde fois que j’utilise vos services. Et je suis toujours satisfaite. Ma fille avait bien aimé ses tutrices. Mon garçon aime beaucoup sa tutrice. Je la trouve très patiente avec mon garçon. Je recommanderais ce service a quelqu’un sans probleme. Merci beaucoup.

B. Nadeau

I was tutored in MATH 208 (Fundamental Mathematics I) and I found it very effective. I went into the semester with a lot of pressure on me due to the fact that I needed a minimum of A- in the class. I got that A-. I met with my tutor David twice a week and he helped me stay on track with all the topics throughout the whole semester. He was very patient and did not move forward unless he was confident that I understood the topic. I actually looked forward to tutoring every week. David was great! Highly highly recommend him and Liberty Tutoring to anyone.

S. Garbin

The tutor provided for my daughter was a perfect match, as far as my daughter feeling comfortable and confident. Thank you for the experience, truly appreciated.

Blanka Breen

Weekly math tutoring helped bring my daughter’s confidence in her math skills back. She was able to tackle word problems in exams and not get discouraged.

L. Fawson

Ata Hatami was extraordinary. Engaging, down to earth, reliable, and clear. My daughter excelled under his tutelage. We are extremely satisfied.

S. Atkins

I’m very pleased with Liberty Tutoring and their service for my CEGEP son. The tutor’s professionalism allowed for a respectful tutor-student relationship, which led to my son’s success in his final exam. I would highly recommend Liberty Tutoring to anyone who wants to succeed in their coursework in CEGEP.

L. Williams

More than just improving my children’s math skills, Liberty boosted their self esteem and sense of accomplishment of tackling something that they found difficult. Liberty provided more than math tutoring; they provided them a life lesson.

George Tsopeis

I very much appreciated the service offered by Liberty Tutoring. The tutor was very available with a flexible schedule. What I appreciated the most is the fact that you can receive the service at your home, there is no need to get around. Thank you Rachel!

M. Berthelette

We’ve been ecstatic with Liberty and the quality of tutoring being offered. My daughter has not only found a great tutor she has found a great role model in her tutor Casey.

Charlie Marcolin

Liberty Tutoring has been wonderful. The tutor, Sophia, was a perfect match for my son. She was engaging, patient and always professional. She provided appropriate homework and always explained the homework to me as well as my son before leaving. I will recommend Liberty to all my friends and family!

LeeAnn P.

Liberty tutoring is unlike any other tutoring company. They take care of your child as if it was their own. They helped my son pull through a very tough year, and his results went from failing grades to averaging a 75% at the end of the year. What can a single mom say but thank you a million times over.

Marie Toutongi

When I contacted Liberty Tutoring, my son Matthew was struggling with 8th grade math: he was frustrated and miserable. After working with Pasha (the amazing tutor that Liberty sent us), Matthew went from failing math, to getting A’s and B’s. At his graduation last week, he received a Student Success award for his immense improvement. As Matthew’s grades improved, so did his confidence and self-esteem. Thank you Liberty Tutoring, and thank you Pasha!

Maria Douvris

Having a child diagnosed with ADD can be confusing and leave a parent lost as to how best support their child to succeed. These children are often incredibly bright, even above average. They need to understand how to focus and organize themselves, not feel overwhelmed by a lot of information and gain confidence through step by step everyday successes. Liberty Tutors were instrumental in giving my son a good foundation in this area. They connected with Nico on a level his teachers were not able to do and this was key to seeing an evolution in his results and his confidence as a student. I am very grateful for all their efforts!

C. Athans

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