We provide personalized 

1-on-1 Online tutoring to students of all levels in Quebec and Ontario.

We connect our students with the right tutor that gets them excited about the subject matter, helps them gain confidence in their learning, and motivates them to excel.

What Our Clients Say...

For those who have put their trust in Liberty Tutoring, the educational and family happiness payoffs have been simply outstanding.

We are proud of these positive results and thrilled that we’ve contributed to the successful education of their children.

Marie Toutongi

Liberty tutoring is unlike any other tutoring company. They take care of your child as if it was their own. They helped my son pull through a very tough year, and his results went from failing grades to averaging a 75% at the end of the year. What can a single mom say but thank you a million times over.

Charlie Marcolin

We’ve been ecstatic with Liberty and the quality of tutoring being offered. My daughter has not only found a great tutor she has found a great role model in her tutor Casey.

Maria Douvris

When I contacted Liberty Tutoring, my son Matthew was struggling with 8th grade math: he was frustrated and miserable. After working with Pasha (the amazing tutor that Liberty sent us), Matthew went from failing math, to getting A’s and B’s. At his graduation last week, he received a Student Success award for his immense improvement. As Matthew’s grades improved, so did his confidence and self-esteem. Thank you Liberty Tutoring, and thank you Pasha!

S. Garbin

I was tutored in MATH 208 (Fundamental Mathematics I) and I found it very effective. I went into the semester with a lot of pressure on me due to the fact that I needed a minimum of A- in the class. I got that A-. I met with my tutor David twice a week and he helped me stay on track with all the topics throughout the whole semester. He was very patient and did not move forward unless he was confident that I understood the topic. I actually looked forward to tutoring every week. David was great! Highly highly recommend him and Liberty Tutoring to anyone.

Personalized Tutoring Services We Offer

Tutoring for Elementary Students

Students go through pivotal transformations during their elementary school years.

Providing your elementary student with a private tutor in the early years of their education will equip them with the fundamental skills and give them the self-confidence they need to succeed for years to come.

Tutoring for High School Students

High school students go through a number of changes both academically and socially.

Students are expected to find a way to manage their increasingly demanding schoolwork, extracurricular activities and social schedules and obligations.

Providing your high school student with a private tutor will help them develop the skills they need to manage their time and responsibilities as well as perform at a high academic level - setting them up for success in university and college.

Tutoring for CEGEP, College, and University Students

Post-secondary is nothing like you’ve experienced in high school. The adjustment to its fast-paced environment is a challenge for just about every student.

Our highly qualified tutors are here to help you get over this adjustment hump. And we only tutor the tough subjects – math, chemistry and physics.