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Gabriel Yanev math tutor

Gabriel Yanev

One of the things that I enjoy most is to help others. As a tutor, I believe that I can do that. It gives me great joy to help students in their studies, see their progress, and how they’re becoming better and better every day.

A math tutor in Ottawa with long dark hair is wearing a white sleeveless top and a necklace, posing against a plain light-colored background.

Loann Ta

I enjoy tutoring because I want to help students succeed in courses that they have difficulty with, such that they can advance more easily with their academic path.

A man with a beard and moustache sits in front of a computer workstation displaying code, looking every bit the part of a dedicated math tutor in Ottawa.

Sami Ulfat

Tutoring is special to me because I love being able to empower, educate, and motivate students to be the best version of themselves and overcome challenges.

A math tutor in Ottawa with curly hair and glasses smiles at the camera. A periodic table and a colorful poster are visible on the wall behind them.

Hannah Erickson

I enjoy tutoring because I love the subjects that I teach. I want to be able to share my love for those subjects with my students, so that they can appreciate them in the same way I do and feel confident in their ability to learn.

A math tutor in Ottawa, with long curly hair and a pink turtleneck sweater, smiles at the camera in a room with light-colored walls.

Helena Marek

I enjoy tutoring because I get to help students achieve their academic goals and gain confidence in their learning.

A math tutor in Ottawa with curly hair stands in front of a chalkboard filled with mathematical equations.

Miguel Vargas Valencia

I am someone who believes in the power of tutoring, to provide a range of tools that makes the student autonomous. For me, teaching is a beautiful privilege where the knowledge is transmitted in a structured manner. Organization, comprehension, and time management are all things that I consider essential, to have a fruitfully academic journey.

A person with a blue headband and backpack, perhaps a math tutor in Ottawa, smiles in front of a sunset over the ocean.

Caroline Alexon

I enjoy tutoring because I love to see how much students can grow and learn with a little help. I have seen huge changes in students after even a few sessions, and I know every student has so much potential.

Since 2004, Our Montreal Math Tutors Helped Students in the Following Areas:

Learn Math with Confidence in Montreal

Navigating the academic and social challenges of high school can be a transformative experience for students in Montreal.

Balancing demanding schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and social obligations can be overwhelming for high school students. This juggling act may lead to anxiety, frustration, and a lack of concentration, ultimately resulting in poor math grades and a decline in confidence.

At Liberty Tutoring, we recognize the importance of making the decision to introduce a math tutor into your child’s life. This decision can significantly impact the emotional dynamics of the entire family. Our commitment is to earn your trust through dedicated efforts, just as our tutors are committed to the success of your child.

Engaging a private math tutor for your high school student is a strategic investment. It equips them with the essential skills to manage time effectively, handle responsibilities, and excel academically. This foundation sets them on a path to success in university and college.

Through our experience, we’ve observed that establishing common ground leads to positive outcomes and transforms trust into a collaborative partnership. Witness the transformation when your child eagerly anticipates the personalized assistance they receive from their math tutor at Liberty Tutoring in Montreal.
Weekly math tutoring helped bring my daughter’s confidence in her math skills back. She was able to tackle word problems in exams and not get discouraged.

Checklist For Finding The Right MathTutor

ADHD students receiving personalized tutoring support to enhance their learning experience.
More than just improving my children’s math skills, Liberty boosted their self esteem and sense of accomplishment of tackling something that they found difficult. Liberty provided more than math tutoring; they provided them a life lesson.
math tutor student

A Great Math Tutor Gives Your Child The Confidence To Succeed

At Liberty Tutoring Montreal, our math tutors embody a genuine love for mathematics, mastering intricate concepts and showcasing first-class teaching skills. Rooted in a passion for helping students succeed, our tutors go beyond traditional instruction. They actively contribute to your child’s personal development, serving as attentive listeners to day-to-day concerns and needs. Recognizing the role of tutors as positive role models and mentors, we take this responsibility seriously at Liberty Tutoring Montreal.

When you choose a math tutor from Liberty Tutoring in Montreal, you’re selecting more than an educator; you’re enlisting a dedicated professional committed to inspiring learning. Count on a transformative educational experience where our tutors not only impart mathematical knowledge but also instill a profound love for the subject in your child. Elevate your child’s academic journey with the unparalleled commitment and expertise of Liberty Tutoring Montreal – your trusted partner for math tutoring excellence in the vibrant city.

Our Core Values

These are our guiding principles, which define who we are.


We believe in honest communication and building partnership, trust, and connectedness within our team and with our clients.

Creativity, Continuous Betterment

We encourage thinking outside the box and creativity, and always strive to be better at what we do.

Holistic Approach, Adaptability

For us, it’s not just about assisting with homework or answering questions. We take a holistic approach to lead our students to being independent learners and we adapt our approach to each student’s unique needs and goals.

Listening with Empathy, Dependability

We listen carefully to your needs and understand the challenges that you may be facing. You can depend on us to go above and beyond to help you.


We are confident in our ability to help the people around us achieve their goals. However, we do realise that we constantly need to learn and improve. We admit our mistakes and take steps to prevent them.

With our personalized math tutoring, our students will gain:

A Deeper Understanding of Math Concepts

Skills to Systematically Tackle Word Problems

A More Positive Attitude Towards Math

Better Grades

Our Online Private Math Tutoring Services for Our Students

We offer a rich online experience, with interactive digital whiteboards and 2-way video conferencing. Our tutors are skilled and trained to provide engaging lessons to students of all ages, from kindergarten to university.

Our math tutors are based in Montreal and we have math tutoring in Montreal, West Island, Laval, Westmount, and other parts of Quebec.

What Our Clients Say

Sonya Matthews

“Our daughter is dyslexic and needed extra help in math and science. We wanted to find a company that understood her specific needs and challenges. The biggest thing that our daughter gained after using the tutoring services was first and foremost self-confidence.”

Gayle Mitchell

“My daughter has really benefited from Liberty Tutoring, not only in improving her grades but maintaining them at a very high academic level. But, for me, more importantly, it has built the foundation for all the subjects in the math and science areas.”

Maxine Morris

“My daughters were having problems with math and science. They [tutors] had a lot of knowledge on math and science and helped to truly understand the topics. My children gained better marks while using your service.”

Our Packages

8-hr Package

Ideal for short-term tutoring

8 Hours of 1-on-1 Online Tutoring

  • Min. 2 hrs/wk Required
  • Bi-Weekly Progress Reports
  • Contacting Tutors Outside Sessions
  • Dedicated Educational Support
Success Plan

Our most requested plan

20 Hours of 1-on-1 Online Tutoring

  • Min. 2 hrs/wk Required
  • Bi-Weekly Progress Reports
  • Contacting Tutors Outside Sessions
  • Dedicated Educational Support
8-hr Package

Ideal for short-term tutoring

30 Hours of 1-on-1 Online Tutoring

  • Min. 3 hrs/wk Required
  • Bi-Weekly Progress Reports
  • Contacting Tutors Outside Sessions
  • Dedicated Educational Support

Regardless of the type of tutoring service you choose, our promise to you:

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Finding the perfect math tutor can seem daunting, but we’re confident we have the right fit for you. We take great care to match you with a tutor who understands your goals, learning style, and personality. Your success is our top priority.

That’s why we offer an ironclad satisfaction guarantee. After your first tutoring session, if you are not completely satisfied for any reason, simply let us know. We will provide a full refund for the session and you can terminate services without obligation.

We stand behind our tutors 100%. But if that initial connection isn’t there, we’ll swiftly find you a new match. With the right math tutor, you’ll be amazed at the progress you can make.

Our goal is building your confidence and helping you realize your potential with math. Try one session risk-free so we can demonstrate our commitment to your goals. We look forward to working together!
A person with long hair and glasses wearing a striped shirt gives a thumbs-up gesture while smiling at the camera against a plain background, promoting their math tutoring services in Montreal.

Exploring Top-Quality Math Tutors with Liberty Tutoring in Montreal

Embarking on the journey to find the ideal mathematics tutor in Montreal? Look no further. At Liberty Tutoring, we take pride in offering a curated selection of highly vetted, hand-chosen tutors of the utmost quality and expertise. In this section, discover why Liberty Tutoring stands out in the realm of mathematics education. Our tutors bring a wealth of experience, ensuring that your learning journey is not only effective but also tailored to your unique needs. Dive into the advantages of choosing Liberty Tutoring, where excellence is not just a standard – it’s the expectation. Explore the profiles of our exceptional tutors and witness firsthand the dedication and quality that set us apart in Montreal’s educational landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer personalized 1-on-1 online math tutoring for children, high school students, and adults.

For children, our tutors use interactive games, songs, roleplaying exercises, and multisensory activities to make learning fun and effective.
We provide targeted exam preparation, study strategies, essay writing help, and conversation practice for high school students.

When searching for a math tutor, it’s essential to consider qualifications that align with your child’s learning needs. Look for a tutor with a solid educational background in mathematics, preferably holding a degree in the subject or a related field. Additionally, seek out tutors with teaching experience, as this indicates their ability to effectively convey complex concepts.

A successful math tutor should possess excellent communication skills, adapting their teaching style to suit your child’s learning preferences. Look for testimonials or references that highlight the tutor’s track record of fostering a positive and productive learning environment.

Tutors with a deep understanding of the curriculum relevant to your child’s academic level, whether it be elementary, middle school, high school, or college, are better equipped to provide targeted support. If possible, inquire about any specialized training or certifications in math education.

Lastly, consider a tutor’s passion for the subject and their commitment to ongoing professional development. A tutor who stays informed about the latest teaching methodologies and educational resources demonstrates a dedication to continuous improvement, ensuring your child receives the best possible guidance in their math studies.

A great tutor should connect with your personality, interests, and learning style, making the learning experience comfortable and enjoyable.
Our tutors make learning exciting through fun activities like games, music, and culturally-relevant lessons, fostering enthusiasm and encouragement.
Our tutors tailor lessons to address specific strengths and weaknesses, ensuring that every student gains confidence in their weaker areas.
We offer an ironclad satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied after your first session, we provide a full refund for that session.

Simply connect with us to improve your math skills with our experienced tutors.

Mastering Math with Liberty Tutoring in Montreal

At Liberty Tutoring Montreal, our seasoned math tutors specialize in delivering tailored assistance to Montreal students grappling with math challenges, spanning from elementary to university levels. We are dedicated to cultivating math confidence and honing skills for academic triumph.

Our comprehensive math tutoring services encompass vital subject areas, uniquely adapted for Montreal students:

  • Algebra – Whether navigating pre-algebra fundamentals or tackling advanced algebraic equations, our Montreal tutors provide meticulous guidance. For instance, we can demystify the process of factoring quadratic equations like x2 + 5x + 6 = 0, using practical examples tailored to the Montreal context.
  • Geometry – Utilizing interactive tools, our tutors elucidate the intricacies of theorems, proofs, polygons, solid geometry, and shapes for Montreal students. Engaging in hands-on learning, we might have a student construct a proof explaining why the sum of interior angles in a triangle is 180 degrees, applying real-world scenarios.
  • Trigonometry – Conquering sine, cosine, tangent, unit circles, trig identities, and applications becomes attainable with our personalized trigonometry tutoring. We relate concepts such as sin(π/6) = 1/2 to 30-60-90 degree triangle side ratios, connecting theoretical knowledge to real-world applications in Montreal.
  • Calculus – Breaking down differential and integral calculus, our tutors help Montreal students visualize concepts. We simplify limits, derivatives, integrals, and multi-variable calculus through practice problems, such as calculating displacement from velocity graphs, tailored to the Montreal academic landscape.
  • Statistics – Making statistics accessible, we guide Montreal students through probability, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, combinatorics, and data analysis. Our lessons align seamlessly with course topics, incorporating elements like creating surveys and analyzing results in the Montreal context.
  • Pre-Calculus – Preparing students for calculus, we solidify foundations in complex numbers, matrices, vectors, sequences, series, and analytical geometry, aligning lessons with Montreal’s academic requirements. Our approach primes students for AP Calculus topics like continuity and derivatives in the Montreal curriculum.

Our personalized math tutoring methodology is designed to accommodate each student’s unique strengths, weaknesses, and preferred learning styles. With bespoke lesson plans, interactive practice assignments, continuous feedback, and a focus on building math confidence, Liberty Tutoring Montreal is your partner in ensuring your child excels in math. 

A smiling young boy in a green polo shirt adjusts his black-rimmed glasses with one hand, looking like he might someday be a promising math tutor in Ottawa.

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