Our tutors have been there. As students themselves, they’ve spent long nights with their textbooks and seemingly endless hours in the library while preparing for exam season. They understand how frustrating, overwhelming, and stress inducing it can be. Maybe you’re having trouble understanding the subject matter, or are struggling to apply the tools and techniques to study properly and efficiently. Maybe you’re great at preparing for one subject, but consistently find you’re not managing your study time to prepare for all your classes. Maybe you’re great at getting your homework and assignments completed in good time, but when it comes to exam preparation, do you procrastinate and lack focus or discipline?

No matter your strengths or weaknesses, there is a Liberty tutor who can help. Everybody has unique skills and learns in different ways which is why our secret to improvement and success lies in recognizing those skills and teaching students how to apply them. Because our tutors only work with one student at a time, they approach learning with enthusiasm and energy, and they are able to provide the personal attention that will show remarkable improvement in your exam results. With the help of a hand picked tutor, carefully selected to match your learning needs, your upcoming exams can be your best yet.

If you’re wondering what preparing for exams with a tutor would be like, here are some ways a tutor can help you succeed:

  • If your concern is with a specific concept or theory, fear not. Our tutors are experts in their subject areas and will work with you to clarify concepts, helping you to gain confidence in the subject matter.
  • If asking for clarification in the classroom makes you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious, you will benefit from the freedom to ask questions with a private tutor.
  • A tutor will be your guide in the process of applying knowledge and theories.
  • Your tutor will work with you to develop a strategic and comprehensive study plan based on your skills, competencies and learning style. They know how to properly set targets in your studying to measure improvement and success.
  • Liberty tutors work with a unique evaluation and goal setting method that encourages students to be more active in their learning. You will personally monitor, evaluate and optimize your own progress before reporting it to your tutor.
  • Learning from your mistakes is easier and more effective with a tutor. They help you to recognize where you went wrong, and to discover where to go next to find the answer on your own.
  • No more careless mistakes or cutting corners. A tutor provides a source of motivation for you to continue working your hardest, and holds you accountable for the work that you do (and don’t) complete.

With a Liberty tutor to help you prepare for exams you will discover that your own self-directed learning improves. With someone to encourage you to keep going when the subject matter gets difficult, you’ll become frustrated less often and feel more confident in tackling it on your own. Not only will you notice your exam results improve, but you’ll notice greater overall improvement and confidence in your study skills, leading to greater overall performance in schoolwork all through the year. Several of our tutors have already helped a number of students in Ottawa, Montreal, Kitchener-Waterloo, Oakville and Toronto to reach positive outcomes through their exam preparation and overall academic performance. Read what some happy students and their families have to say about their experience with Liberty Tutoring – and call us to make an appointment. Don’t wait! Exams are just around the corner, so get on the right track, and get in touch!