Successfully tutoring students at all levels since 2004

Liberty Tutoring was founded to help students at all levels achieve their goals by mentoring them to become independent learners. The original company, PDK Tutoring, was established in 2004 in English Montreal, by two individuals who wanted to provide an alternative to group rote learning. The company changed its name to Liberty Tutoring in 2009 to better represent our true identity and mission.

We have grown steadily and established ourselves as a tutoring leader in private, in-home tutoring. We currently provide our tutoring services in Kitchener-Waterloo, Montreal, Oakville, Ottawa and Toronto.

Liberty Tutoring knows that individualized tutoring is the best way to help your child achieve their unique goals. With our tutor’s support, you and your child will soon realize that learning obstacles can soon be overcome.

Liberty Tutoring also appreciates the key role parents play in their child’s learning process. Your ongoing input helps us pave the way to their success.

This ideal outcome is possible when students take active roles in their own tutoring program. That’s why Liberty has developed unique evaluation and goal setting methods that encourage students to be more active in their tutoring process. It allows them to personally monitor, evaluate and optimize their own progress – before reporting it to you.

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